Houston : Co-Op // November 2013


The series of events, performances and think tanks taking place in Houston over a 15 months period will continue in the spirit of participatory actions, involving the diverse demographic communities in our city. The objective will be to create a platform for sharing cross-cultural viewpoints that can then be compared with the outcomes in our partner cities of Paris and New York and archived as a body of knowledge for use by generations to come. 


Specifically, in Houston, the OBA project will examine the dynamic interaction between art, creation, and cultural identity, as a means to advance dialogue within the framework of urban revitalization in both French and American cultures. Just as in Paris and NYC, OBA in Houston will present itself as a multi-disciplinary project that will include think-tanks, urban walks, musical encounters and workshops. Among OBA’s objectives in Houston will be the support of academic exchanges and research on topics related to cultural identity, urban revitalization and the promotion of social integration within different communities.



Other programmatic events will include:


- Think-tanks on topics such as “Art, Identity, and Urban revitalization”

- Urban Walks: Including a procession, bike ride and urban ride (metro rail)

- Musical encounters

- Concerts

- Writing workshops

- Exhibitions

- Thematic Meals

- Film Productions

- Workshops and exchange programs

- Symposiums


Support for this project includes the Consul General of France, City of Houston, and Houston Public Library, and the University of Houston.

Interview: Dean Fulton, University of Houston Downtown



Interview: French Consulat in Houston

OBA III: Think Tank at Houston, 2013